Saturday, May 3, 2014

SVG Match up

This towel and cup set are two separate projects linked into one. The towels were completed on the babylock and I took a screen shot of the digital embroidery image. I then sent the image to the PC's paint program, nothing special but it worked. I really wish that I had my daughter's Wacom for this part but I got it done! I cleaned up the image and saved the copy as a jpeg and then imported the image into the free Design studio for the Cricut Explore . From there it was only a few more clicks and voila .-. an image to cut in vinyl . I used the semi-transparent transfer tape from Cricut onthe Dollar store cups & d found it easier to use. The letters showed more prominently when they were adhered to Completely !! d also used a squeegee for wallpaper to burnish down all of the Small peices ! so much easier to complete this and 24 to boot!!! Well that is all for now- have fun. & enjoy. :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Stripper SVG

This was my first SVG cut!! I downloaded a free file and cut three images. I only cut two of the poles while I enlarged the first. I used the Explore and wrote the words with the machine as well. So much fun. Once I saw the plain paper cuts I decided to use my Glimmer Mists, I believe I used the Guilded Gold and Black Magic on these. The ladies were cut from watercolor paper and on cardstock+ setting. This paper accepts mists and markers well - in addition it is very sturdy like chipboard. The gold layer was from a solid sheet I found in my stash - a bulk 81/2 x 11 set with silver and black shiny papers from Michaels whenever it was on sale! The card ba see came from a Walmart paper stack of craft colors - the pattern was built in. I then cut the G string and gloves along with her hair from the Gold image. A gold marker and some flesh colored Copics did the rest. Do not forget to layer the pole under the top word frame! This was way to much fun and I shall have to make more naughty art cards.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


JB. Quick WELD IS A TWO PART EPOXY that comes in small tubes much like thick toothpaste . When something like the Car door handle (YES The FORD TRUCK HANDLES ) Break , who on earth wants to go and spend money you do not have ? You know that you are already pissed off because the damn thing broke anyway . well if you are not then what kind of American are you? Oh Yeah , the cheesy kind who buys foreign jobs. Well for the rest of us get some J.B, Quick weld! you simply mix equal parts of each of the tubes. I use a popsicle stick or golf tee . whatever you use to mix with and in , you are going to throw away . I recomend a plastic Mouthwash type Cup as these are small ; I have small jello shooter size cups in my Craft room & these work perfectly . stir well , the mixture will be a very dark qray . Let the mixture setup for a minute & then apply to an already Clean & dry surface. Hold your items to be bonded for a few minutes. Make sure that you apply a liberal coat. Let your items nest untouched for 24 hours and you Will be amazed at how strong this stuff is . I just repaired the door handle on the frontloader . The husband said he . was going to buy me anew handle . HA!HA! Six months later an six bucks I have a fixed handle . I repaired a on the kitchenaid the truck doors did stay on for 10 years with this stuff. Fishing poles many countless items have breadth JB touch. I think we have used two tubes in 10 years as we only mix enough for the job. Have fun with you repairs ,LATERS .

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Latte Layout

I enjoyed using the new Design Space software to make this layout. DS made choosing the colors easy and by utilizing the sync option I was able to limit the number of mats, or in my case colors. Inking the edges and use of pop dots make the cuts jump off the page. The back ground paper is a plain black sheet with gold spritz. I used the Catseye ink pads to do the edges, lately they seem to be my favs because of the size and the color grouping all in one spot. The paper used was an inexpensive white core card stock sold at Wallys; the options are generally good and color packs available at midnight :) The Explore did an exceptional job at cutting out these small words on the first pass with no special settings and these images come with the subscription!! SOOOO cool. I am trying to get my moneys worth as this was a cart I always wanted. I hope you enjoy this project and hope it helps you to make a decisions on the new Cricut Explore, I love mine so far and cannot wait for the future options. Happy Crafting.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Instant project

l  did one of the Make .it now projects in the Design Space ! It was simple to customize the colors to a boyS layout and I finished a page while doing laundry! Hubby Was sick and I had the Machine right there with the T.V.! It is quiet enough to use in the same room!! Wowzer. The hardest part of Making this page was loosing the little yellow star. I searched for 15 minutes for that silly third star and alas- the dog must have it. So I reloaded the project and pressed next mat until I got to the stars. I used the extras to take up the space until a photo is added. Seems my loss- is my gain:) That is all for now. Laters !

Saturday, March 1, 2014


This is my very first project with my Newest Cricut the EXPLORE, I am impressed with how quiet it is, The machine Cut out the White Core from DCWV paper with ease. I tried out the pen feature and stumbled a bit. d had some trouble with getting it to show the pen tips blade tip on the mat preview at once. I got it figured out after several attempts Then my biggest problem Was funding the layers I took off the mats! I cut the Diaper for the Monkey to Look like it w as so passed to be on him. For a short bit the blue layer and the pen top were lost under the Cnicut LID:) I then had to soak my glue applicator tip in accetone cUZ silly me took i to a crop & did not clean 'it, Ever done that before? unfortunately I have done that a lot. Guess that is why I know how to Set the glue out . Well, enough r ambling, but I should tell you- I deleted the flowers on the tree and doubled the leaves. Copics added some dimension &I used ATG & ART INSTITUTE GCUE, it has been my favorite goto glue for some time now; the metal tip is AMAZING. LATERS.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Boiled Peanuts

l Love to can and my family loves boiled peanuts. As any boiled peanut consumer knows- they take a while to make correctly. I have seen them in stores SO I know that canning them is possible. Though I searched forever I could not find a recipe for canning peanuts. This works- wonders. I just can them as if I were Canning beef. I process them for l hr and 45 min, and only after boiling them until they just begin to accept the salt. I have found that wide mouth jars Are easier to remove the nuts but I have more jars that do not seal. so now I stick to regular mouth & only quart size jars. They are wonderful to Make up in the colder Nov.Months and then come game time you just pop an opened jar in the Microwave and BAM! Instant HOT Boiled peanuts:)